Indonesian Halal Agro-industry Products Competitiveness Development Strategy

Dwi Purnomo, E.Gumbira-Sa’id, Anas M Fauzi,

Khaswar Syamsu, Muhammad Tasrif


20a469f9e45f5b94d97c8abef0a5e4d9Indonesia is the largest Muslim population in the world. By establishing halalbased agro-industry, Indonesia is expected to avoid the status of the largest world’s largest halal market. Indonesia need to gradually develop its capability as internationally recognized competitive halal products producer. Malaysia, Thailand and Brunei Darussalam as ASEAN members have been globally recognized as the world’s halal products hub and building their halal industry as their main platform of agro-industry development to penetrate international market. High level of competition abounds from both Muslim and non-Muslim nations, including ASEAN members which have been aggressively setting up their industrial estates and marketing their halal products around the global market. This study observed the conceptual theoretical framework on Indonesian Halal-based Agro-industry Competitiveness. The goal of the strategy development was to develop Indonesian halal agro-industry products’ competitiveness improvement strategy. Quantitative SWOT analysis and AHP-SWOT analysis were used in prioritizing strategies. The result of strategy prioritizing were; developing halal support services and infrastructure, broadening range of policy developments related to the law and regulations, tightening stakeholders coordination, international advocacy intensification, national product competitiveness development, increasing industrial awareness, and creating halal agro-industry champions.


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