Unpad – Ibu Popon Collaboration; a Best Practice in Sustainable Assistance Model for Social Entrepreneurship in Agro-industrial based SME’s

IBU POPONDwi Purnomo*, Totok Pujianto*, Roni Kastaman*

*) Faculty of Agro-industrial Technology – Universitas Padjadjaran

(Submitted for IIECES 2013)


Ibu Popon is an Agro-industrial based small and medium-scale enterprises in Majalengka West-Java. This enterprise began to be assisted by Unpad for six years since its establishment in 2007 and initially built as supporting unit of a Pesantren (Islamic Boarding School) and was not projected as a professionally conducted commercial enterprise. This assistance has been able to prove that the persistent assistance to SME’s had generated value added processes through various sequences including created many benefits in various dimensions. Persistent and sustainable process had affected to the gradual improvement of its business and surrounding community such as in social life quality, women-based empowerment, boarding school students involvement in entrepreneurship program, appropriate technology utilization and networking capability. The continuous assistance were started in increasing self and surrounding community awareness, business development, knowledge and technology transfer, triple helix network collaboration, product development, generate various business based on Ibu Popon’s social entrepreneurship capability. These processes were capable in forming Ibu Popon’s social enterprise to have valuable social entrepreneur characteristics such as high empathy, focus on the community, bridging social problems, community transformation mediator, develop systematic approach in business improvement, passion in its business activities, comprehend problems as opportunities, provide creative solutions and generate suitable business logic which leads to the ability in creating benefits and continuous innovation process. Today, Ibu Popon has succeeded in involving various parties which linking upstream and downstream stakeholders in fruits commodities and giving them many benefits and added value and becoming the locomotive of the local fruits commodity.

Keywords: Ibu Popon, Social Entrepreneurship, SME’s, Sustainable Assistance, Agroindustry, and Fruits


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