Indonesian Halal Agro-industrial Stakeholder Collaboration Model

Dwi Purnomo

Faculty Of Agro-Industrial Technology

University Padjadjaran – Bandung Indonesia


Presented in HALSTECH International Seminar, Bali 2012

Dwi PurnomoHalal Agro-industrial development has involved more than 180 countries around the world making halal business has a very good prospect to be developed. Indonesia as the largest halal products market in the world has to be gradually building its national competitive strength on the basis of all good forces of largest Muslim population, natural resources, and human resources as also Indonesian promising economy prospect in the future. At the international level, halal business is dominated by a few international developed countries which targeting populous Muslim countries. These countries were concentrated in building halal business by developing and synergizing their organizational relationships involving industrial and government institutions and non-governmental synergy with the objectives of international market expansion. In Indonesia, there is no official effort to build its agro-halal industry, resulted in many problems such as organization relationships among government agencies and non-government has not been clearly understood and officially structured. To build a competitive national halal-Agro-industry, it is necessary to synergies an institutional interrelationship model, which able to facilitate the transformation of Indonesian comparative advantages to a competitive advantage. By building national halal agro-industrial will have a significant impact and contribution to the national development and also will affect to the global halal industries. To achieve this goal, the research method used was analytical descriptive using SWOT as a tool to help synergizing overall institutional development.  The result was a national Halal Stakeholder Collaboration Strategy that describes the approach to collaborate among Halal agro-industrial stakeholders about requirements and how this activity would be supported.

Key words : halal, agro-industry, stakeholder, organization


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